Eastway Company has been working on the market of construction machines delivery since 1999, selling out construction machines, spare parts for them and used equipment. A wealth of experience and the professionalism of our staff makes us possible to realize any solution in the different business fields, concerned with heavy construction technology.

The staff of our company has nine years experience of working in Representative of Nissho Iwai Corporation (Japan) in Vladivostok.

We provide our clients with the choice set satisfiing the most exacting ones as we do not use standard approach - each offer is unique, weighted and reasoning. We are ready to select and to purchase special and construction machines, and also spare parts for them in our partners in Japan and to deliver into the point of destination.

Our web-site does not represent all goods we can offer, but you can send your inquiry by e-mail and we'll answer you at the shortest possible time. We also provide the consulting services to our trade partners.

45 Posjetskaya Str., office 302, 690061, Vladivostok, Primorskiy region,
Russian Federation

tel/fax: +7(423)241-44-12; rv.eastway@vtc.ru

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